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21 May 2016

May 21st 2016

Dear diary, nah, but sort of - a bit of whining and then I'm done! :)
I had a heavy cold about a month back, and never got well although I started working again.
Now I have it all over again, or maybe it's a different virus but the same symptoms (there are a few to chose from, a few hundred or so?). Mighty annoying either way - AAAAaaaaargh! -
Oh, did I say that out loud..?
So things that I had planned to do didn't happened at all, and after a while it makes me a bit sad and restless, I haven't been idle all of the time though, I don't seem to do that very well. So here's a few photos of my week(s):
The oaks finally woke up and got their leaves out.

Reading about viruses and common cold online.. again.

Sorting out an Etsy order YAY!

Watching Miss Marple again - for a bit of comfort and nice company.
Oh that's tahini on my sandwiches in case you wondered about that goo.

Got little bags for my Handmade card + envelopes - so they
look like the ones you find in shops. Fancy that, eh!
Maybe 'professional' is a better way to put it..
Little note enclosed with card + envelope.

Latest lavender bag text in Östgötska (the local dialect
in Östergötland, Sweden) 

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